DIY Poké-rrarium Kit

DIY Poké-rrarium Kit

Make a tiny Poké themed terrarium! Kit includes:		Glass Terrarium			2 Miniature Figurines			2 Small Succulents			Soil			Coordinating Sand and rocksEvery kit is unique and will include various versions of minis, sand, moss, and rocks! What is pictured is only an example of the theme you may receive. 
  • Plant Care

    Succulents - 

    Light: Succulents require high amounts of light, most prefer 6 hours a day. Be careful to introduce your plants to light slowly, they can scorch with sudden change in light. Gradually add light by using a sheer curtain or increasing time in the sun slowly.

    Water: Allow succulents to completely dry and remain dry for some time. Thoroughly soak your plant, be cautious if your terrarium or planter does not drain well. Most Succulents prefer to be watered between once a week to as long as once every month. Succulents can vary water needs between season and every plant is unique. Do your research for your specific plant and climate.

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