Hanging Triangle Terrarium Kit

Hanging Triangle Terrarium Kit

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Terrarium kit comes with hanging triangle terrarium, soil mix, sand, rocks, moss, shovel + pick, and 1 succulent plant with care instructions.

  • Care Instructions

    Tropical Plant Care Tips
            ●  Do not allow soil to dry out fully. Although the soil mix is easy to rehydrate it is difficult on roots

            ●  These plants prefer warmer temperatures. Do not set them against cold windows in the winter and keep the room above 50 degrees

            ●  Avoid saturating soil to the point it is soggy. Our terrariums allow for drainage but you can still overwater. Plants don’t like to leave their roots sitting in water

            ●  Most tropical plants like medium to bright indirect to direct light. Look up your specific plant for its happiest lighting


    Succulents and Cacti Care Tips
            ●  Succulents and Cacti like to live in well draining, sharp soil (provided in your kit)

            ●  Water when soil has dried out. In nature succulents and cacti tend to go long periods without water and then get a nice watering from a storm or flood

            ●  Succulent type plants tend to be not cold hardy. Be sure to protect from chill

            ●  Give lots of light. Each will have unique light requirements but in general they are light loving plants. Be careful to introduce bright light slowly if it has not experienced it recently

            ●  If leaves look like they are spaced further apart (etiolated) and/or looking less colorful and more green provide more light

  • How To Build Your Open Terrarium

     1.    Remove your plant from its pot and gently remove excess dirt on the roots. Keep the excess soil in the pot and set aside.

        2.    Place a layer of dirt on the bottom of your terrarium and arrange your plant(s) where you would like them to live.

        3.    Cover roots and add soil sufficient to fill the terrarium without overflowing at the lip.

        4.    You can use sand and rocks to create unique scenes within your terrarium, accenting with colored moss!
    If your kit comes with minis you may add these at the end

    Hint: For advanced terrarium builders you can use sand between layers of soil to build beautiful layers of color.
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