Marimo Water Globe Kit

Marimo Water Globe Kit

Create a mini world in our water globes!
Kit includes:
1. Small water globe
2. Marimo Ball
3. Colored gems
4. Miniature item
Every kit is unique and will include various versions of minis and rocks! What is pictured is only an example of the theme you may receive.
Large kit or 2 small marimo balls is an additional $3
  • Marimo Care

    Marimo's are an easy addition to your office, bedroom, or bathroom!

    They prefer very low light, in nature they roll around the bottom of lakes. Keep their water cold, they like it in Switzerland! 

    Change water every 2 weeks. If your balls are browing add a pinch of sea salt, change the water, and reduce light. If ball is no longer spherical gently roll it around to reshape.

    Pro tip: Use the old marimo water to water your plants! It's like vitamin water for them!